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Accelerating Change – Facilitating individual and organizational development

Leadership Development

Is your organization successfully identifying and developing leaders at all levels? Partnering with a coach can increase the effectiveness of new and existing managers as well as C-level executives.

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Team Coaching

Do your organization’s teams have clarity of vision and purpose? Is there clear and direct communication within and between teams? Accelerating Change can help you develop higher performing teams.

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International Support

Does your organization have multiple sites, or clients, across the world? Accelerating Change can help your employees navigate a rapidly changing global workplace.

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Career Transition / Entrepreneurs

Contemplating a career change or considering starting your own business? Going it alone can be overwhelming. Working with a coach to develop and execute your goals can move you toward your goals more quickly.

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The coaching process

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Embrace the Tough Conversation

Think about a “difficult conversation” you have had at work – it may elicit a variety of emotions and memories. Most of us can recall at least one example of a challenging and perhaps uncomfortable discussion:  providing feedback to an underperforming employee, informing a customer that their project is behind schedule and/or over budget, or telling a teammate …
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