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About the Company

Accelerating Change was founded to support organizations and individuals that are motivated to achieve long term success. The current corporate landscape is often focused on short term results while individuals are often searching for the “next best thing”. Investing in coaching can improve employee retention and engagement, develop more effective leaders, and drive business results. Our coaching philosophy hinges on rallying around a clear vision, improving collaboration and trust, and improving self-awareness.

Michelle Brosdal
Founder and CEO

Michelle is a versatile professional with nearly 20 years of experience across several industries, including telecommunications, pharmaceutical and wellness. Her passion for developing people has been a constant throughout her career while working in sales, coaching/managing and corporate team building. She understands the importance of creating an organizational culture focused on hiring, engaging and developing the right people.

In addition, Michelle’s experiences while living and working abroad have provided her with a unique perspective and appreciation of cultural differences that can further support the success of her clients within or outside of the U.S.

B.S. – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.S. and MBA – Benedictine University

International Coach Federation (ICF) member

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