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Get in touch with Accelerating Change today to discuss your organization's leadership goals. During this complimentary consultation, we will identify your areas for development, your timelines as well as your budget.

Leadership Coaching

New Managers

It’s an all too common scenario- an individual who demonstrates success in his/her current role is promoted to a managerial or leadership position. However, what made them a good salesperson (or engineer, or accountant, etc.) does not guarantee that they will transform into a competent and inspiring leader. In fact, often the skills required for success are vastly different from those in their previous role. Accelerating Change can provide one-on-one support to new managers to focus on pre-determined areas for development such as communication, managing conflict and building trust within their teams.

High Potential Employees

A Corporate Executive Board (CEB) study found that 25 percent of employer-identified, high-potential employees plan to leave their current companies within the year. Is your company effectively identifying, developing, and engaging its future leaders? Can your organization distinguish a high potential employee from a high producer?

Here are a few ways that Accelerating Change can support your organization’s efforts with these employees:

  1. Improve self awareness
  2. Develop strategies for building trust and accountability with internal and external teams
  3. Provide follow up to behavioral assessments or leadership training- often great ideas get left behind as the individuals ramps up in the new role.


According to Stanford’s 2013 Executive Coaching Survey, nearly 100% of CEOs are receptive to making changes in leadership style in response to coaching, yet only about 35% work with a coach. Is your organization providing the strategic support required for the success of leaders at all levels?

“It’s lonely at the top” rings true for many executives and senior leaders…often leaders receive less honest feedback as they progress through the ranks. Additionally, there may be fewer people with whom they can trust with confidential information. Working with a coach allows leaders an opportunity to develop their short and long term strategies with an objective and honest partner.


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Team Coaching

“Why can’t we all just get along?” Sounds simple, right? If all teams within an organization should be working toward common goals, why does it often seem that they are often speaking different languages?

Characteristics of high functioning teams:

  • Focused on a common organizational mission
  • Able to effectively manage conflict
  • Input is solicited from all members of the team
  • Innovation and creative solutions are encouraged

Accelerating Change can offer support to team leaders as well as individual contributors in order to build teams with high levels of collaboration, trust and creativity.


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 Team Coaching

International Support

Expat Coaching

Individuals who move abroad often find themselves with significantly greater responsibilities and much less support. Individuals often find themselves trying to rebuild their network while navigating a complex new role. If you organization is looking to maximize the success of an overseas assignment, Accelerating Change can develop an individualized plan which can include leadership coaching, development of cultural awareness as well as practical support

Expat Spouse/Partner Coaching

When an executive is transferred domestically or abroad, new challenges emerge for his/her partner or spouse. Beyond the numerous practical challenges of moving out of your home country, spouses often experience a loss of professional identity. Providing coaching support for expat spouses or partners can help them find fulfillment through new job opportunities, building a new personal networking or discovering new areas of interest.

Cultural Awareness/Acceptance

Many companies today have employees or customers abroad, often both. Awareness, interest and acceptance of cultural differences is critical to success.

Partnering with a coach can help individuals explore different possibilities and work through unique challenges encountered when working with multi-cultural teams and international customers.


Accelerating Change offers one complimentary coaching session for individual clients. Contact us for more information.

Career Transition

In Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace study, 70 percent of those who participated described themselves as “disengaged” from their work. If you are consider yourself to be in this 70 percent and are motivated to make a change, you could benefit from working with a coach.


Are you interested in or have you recently started your own business? Going it alone can be exhilarating and also challenging. Partnering with a coach can help keep you focused and develop a strategy for success.

Re-entering the Workforce

If you are considering entering the workforce after a prolonged absence, you may not know where to begin. Knowing that you have the support of a coach keep you focused and support development of a plan for getting back to work. What are you waiting for?


Accelerating Change offers one complimentary coaching session for individual clients. Contact us for more information.

Custom Services

All companies and individuals are unique. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, yet feel that you or your organization has an application for coaching, contact Accelerating Change today to discuss your needs.