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Michelle Brosdal functioned as my business coach during a particularly challenging situation. I had moved to Sweden in the past year and was considering the idea of starting my own branding and graphic design business there. Michelle was extremely supportive during each new step of the process, from the nervous beginning stages to how to ask clients for more payment to how to celebrate a first year! She was flexible enough to encourage me towards my own goals— those times that I chose not to take her advice were still comfortable. I highly recommend Michelle and can say that without her help that my business would still be an idea in the back of my mind. She encouraged me and motivated me towards my goals while still being a person that I could laugh with.

Kelly Darby, Founder, Built by Kelly, Sweden

When working with Michelle I realized her unique capacity to listen and understand - even when opinions were not clearly expressed she quickly and precisely defined the root of the issue - and I was also impressed by her remarkable capacity in summarizing the findings from a workshop in a extremely concise way.

AK, Chairman of the Board at Miljonlotteriet, Sweden

One of the things that is hardest for me, as a small business owner, is staying motivated when the success of my business matters to me and me alone. That feeling of being on my own makes it easy to get overwhelmed by vast number of things that need to be done to make a business successful. Michelle’s support and encouragement anchor me. Michelle’s honesty, and her ability to bring my attention my blind spots and things I might be overlooking, help me see clearly through the clutter. With her support, I am able to create an action plan with manageable steps, and she holds me accountable for meeting the goals I have set for myself. With her background in sales, Michelle knows both how to effectively communicate and to motivate. She understands what steps people need to take to succeed, whether they are working to expand their client base, develop a marketing strategy, implement a day to day operational plan, or become more effective leaders. In short, the opportunity to strategize and prioritize with someone who cares about my goals, and has no agenda other than my success has been invaluable. I can’t imagine anyone being a more supportive, insightful or encouraging coach than Michelle.

Marsya Ancker, Founder, Mind Body Spirit, New York